Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion - 25ml

Jende Poly Diamond Emulsion - 25ml

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Jende Poly DIamond Emulsions are the highest quality emulsions on the market. They are custom formulated to our specifications, making them fast and effective. 

The Jende Poly DIamond Emulsions come in easy to use 1 oz (25 ml) bottles. To use, simply pump the desired amount of emulsion on your stropping medium, spread evenly, let dry, then use as usual. 

Available in the following grits:

Micron (µ)   Grit     
4 Micron 4K 
2 Micron 8K 
1 Micron 16K
0.5 Micron 30K 
0.25 Micron 60K 
0.10 Micron160K
0.025 Micron600K
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